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Hi, my name is Sam Volkering. 

I’ve invested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies longer than any other financial professional I know of.

I first bought in when it was selling for just $12.

Back then hardly anyone knew what it was – or what it was supposed
to do.

But I could see the potential. And I was not going to let it get away from me.

Look what’s happened since...

Source: Coinmarketcap

As you can see, today it’s selling for more than $4,000 a coin.

This is real wealth generation.
I’m sure you have seen it happening all around you. 
Stories of investors making tens – even hundreds – of thousands of rands. These amounts seem preposterous, I know… but they are real. And repeated over and over again.
If you’ll let me, I want to show you how understanding this new market could make gains like these a reality for you, too.
And here’s a promise… I’ll show you in a way that is simple to follow – and easy to do yourself.
Starting with…

  • How to identify good long-term crypto-asset investments
  • How to tackle the big risks of this new market
  • How to swoop in on high-potential coins – and avoid the duds
  • How to accept and use the volatility to your advantage
  • How to buy, store and move your crypto into promising new projects
  • How to ride powerful tech trends within the crypto market

Plus, I’m going to open up access to research that will help you lock on to specific crypto-assets… one of which could make you R220,000 for every R1,000 you invest!
All with one clear goal:
To make you one of the most clued-up and successful crypto investors in SA.
Over the last year, I have worked closely with South African Investor’s Josh Benton – one of the most respected investment writers in SA.
Josh is keen to show as many South African Investors how to navigate the single biggest market eruption of our lifetimes – the rise of crypto-assets.
So, my job is simple: to put together the intelligence and insight you need to dip your toe into the crypto market.
And now is the perfect time – in fact the best time in the short history of the crypto-asset boom – to get started…
Because my research tells me the cryptocurrency market is on the verge of another HUGE run-up. 
Here’s what’s happening…

The coming surge could send bitcoin to $250k

Every boom has phases of development. It’s never just a vertical line to the moon.
Over the last 18 months or so, you’ve seen the early, ‘gold rush’ into cryptos…
The market caught fire, climbing higher and faster than any other asset in history.
In January 2017, the entire crypto market was worth $2bn.
Today it’s worth more than 60 times that – around $135bn.
Gains flying out of this market are the stuff of money-making fantasy – but they are real. See for yourself:

3,025% – Electra
1,268% – Nasda
1,238% – Hydro
598% – Tron
740% – Vitae
398% – Nano

02 December 2017 – 02 December 2018

These are some of the top performers in this volatile market. Not a full picture by any means.
But just R1,000 into each of these cryptocurrencies in December 2017 would see you sitting on just over R72,000 today.
Now, I don’t know how much money you have to invest or what you consider a ‘small sum’. You’ll know what’s right for you.
But had you put R10,000 into each, you’d nearly be a millionaire today.
These quick calculations don’t take into account tax and transaction costs, of course… but you get the picture!
Yes, this is a high risk market. Yes it’s a rollercoaster sometimes. Yes, you could lose what you invest. So, yes you should only invest what you can safely afford to lose… and YES you need to have a strong stomach for it.
Is it worth it?
You can decide that for yourself, I’m sure. You’re a grown up! For me, it absolutely is worth it all. Crypto investing has changed my life.
If you go in with your eyes open, the rewards can be enormous.
But here’s the reason I’m writing to you about this today:

The next ‘surge-phase’ could be imminent

As astonishing as this rise has been so far… I believe it’s just the first tremor of an even greater financial quake to come.
What you have seen so far is just an early stage rush of excitement fuelled by wild speculation, investing mania… with casual investors flocking in with dreams of overnight riches.
The run up before Christmas saw the market rise at breakneck pace.
My colleagues and I would write crazy price predictions on a big whiteboard on our office wall. But we were always wrong, the numbers were too low!
In November, I felt bold predicting bitcoin would hit $10k by Christmas. It peaked at almost $20k.
The growth was so rampant, so aggressive, it was impossible to keep up.
Since those nose-bleed highs the market has corrected dramatically.
As I will show you, this pull-back is following a predictable and repeating pattern… a quirk that plays out in the tech market time and time again.
And that presents you with a rare and short window to steal in on a market that I believe is destined for an even bigger upward surge…
A coming eruption that some insiders within the industry believe could send the market on an unprecedented climb.
Tim Draper – one of the best-known crypto investors in the world, and founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson - believes bitcoin will hit “$250k by 2022”. He’s not the only one to see a big price move on the horizon.

“Bitcoin could be at $40,000 by end of 2018"– Billionaire investor, Mike Novogratz
“I now predict Bitcoin at $1 million by the end of 2020.”– John McAfee, Chief Cybersecurity Visionary of MGT Capital Investments.
“Our long-term estimate for the Crypto Currency space is in the $10 Trillion dollar range.”– Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Capital Markets analysts Mitch Steves and Amit Daryanani.

In fact, a wave of financial experts see the crypto boom ramping up…

  • Thomas Lee, Co-Founder of Fundstrat Global: Wall Street investment specialists put Bitcoin at $25,000 within this year
  • Anthony Pompliano: Predicts Bitcoin at $50,000 this year.
  • Mike Dudas: The Co-founder of Button predicts Bitcoin to be $50,000 by next year.
  • Brian Kelly: CNBC Fast Money Trader and author of The Bitcoin Big Bang predicts Bitcoin at $250,000 by 2022

All my research tells me it’s not a matter of IF the market makes this surge… but WHEN.
Because it’s all part of…

“The Great Wealth Curve”

Every decade is defined by a core technological breakthrough…
In the ‘70s, mainframe computing emerged and we saw the rise of IBM.
In the ‘80s, personal computers went mainstream and Apple, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard became household names. 
In the ‘90s, it was the rise of the internet and then AOL, Google and Yahoo dominated.
In the 2000s, social media was all the rage and Myspace, Facebook and Twitter took off.
Now, in the 2010s, it's crypto assets like bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin that will be the story of the decade.
And each of these decade-defining technologies follows a predictable path.
It’s called the Technology to Market Curve.
Thanks to my colleagues at our sister company Banyan Hill in the US, who illustrated the model. It looks like this…

This is Technology to Market Curve, and it has four phases.
Phase one is the hype phase.This is when a new technology comes to market and there’s massive expectations for it… and they rush to invest in it. 

Look familiar? Of course it does…
The last 12—18 months was the ‘hype phase’ for cryptos, seeing bitcoin fly from under $1k to almost $20k.
It’s the “make it or break it” phase for a new technology. Many never make it out of this phase because they never live up to the hype.
Phase Two is the “facing reality” phase.

This is where investors hype dies down and there’s a lull, a trough if you will.
That’s where we are at right now with cryptos. You’ve probably read about the recent price drop yourself. As you can see from the above, this “trough” is part of a very common pattern.
What’s interesting about the trough is… typically, they don’t end until several key things happen: 

First, there’s broad adoption of the technology.
Second, there’s compelling signs that mass adoption is imminent.
And finally, there’s a leader in the market that takes the technology out of the rough.
In the 1990s it was AOL leading the internet out of the trough… today it's bitcoin leading cryptocurrencies.
So – assuming the pattern continues as anticipated - what can we expect to happen next?

Phase Three is ‘Liftoff’.
This is where generational wealth can be made. 

As I’ll show you in just a moment, there is overwhelming evidence that we are about to see the start of the Liftoff phase in the crypto market.
In fact, as I’ll show you in a moment… the first stirrings may have already begun. We are starting to see some huge moves firing out, over the last 7-days:
As I said before, these are extreme examples. The market is volatile, no question. My belief is that these moves – impressive as they may be – are just tremors. I see long-term wealth creation on a huge scale ahead.
Because what typically happens in this Liftoff phase is the technology proves to be even more valuable than anyone imagined when it was in the hype phase.
And that can create conditions for a golden bull market. Some financial experts believe the crypto market is on the cusp of an extraordinary climb. As reported by CNBC:

  • Jesse Powell, founder and CEO of Kraken, said Tuesday that the cryptocurrency market would continue to see an "acceleration" of growth.
  • Asked whether he thought the market capitilisation of all cryptocurrencies would hit the $1 trillion mark in 2018, Powell agreed.
The final phase is sustainability. At this point, practically everyone uses the technology, and the biggest profits have already been made. That’s probably a decade away for cryptos… this would be when bitcoin or another major coin is as common as the dollar or pound… and every business transaction is logged on the blockchain.
But before we get there, we could see years of aggressive market growth. Every investor’s dream.
Understanding this very simple pattern is the secret to moving early and making a potential fortune in technology.
A great example of this is Amazon. 
Past performance and 5 year figures.
Amazon 5 year performance: 2013 +56.01% | 2014 -17.34% | 2015 +130.40% |2016 + 32.34% | 2017 +42.46%
We saw the hype phase of Amazon in the late 1990s. Maybe you remember it…
The stock shot up to over $100 a share, many people thought that was as high as it would ever go. Along with hundreds of other dot-com companies, it was flying.
Then, the dot com bubble popped.
That was Amazon’s facing reality phase. Poof! Amazon’s shares crashed to under $6.
To many people, it would have been game over, a disaster.
But investors who knew about the The Curve saw this as a buying opportunity. They scooped up shares, before the Liftoff phase kicked-off…
They are now sitting on huge gains of over 24,163% today. 
Imagine having just R5,000 on that one. That’s a profit of over R120,000. That’s how powerful understanding this wealth curve pattern can be.
I’m writing to you with urgency today because the crypto market is like the tech boom – but on fast forward. The crypto revolution is evolving and maturing at lightspeed and everything tells me Lift-off could be imminent.
Let’s look at another example…
We can see it in action here with another stock from the last tech revolution – software reading and editing firm Adobe Systems.

Past performance and 5 year figures.
Adobe Systems 5 year performance: 2013 +55.96% | 2014 +28.96% | 2015 +36.70% | 2016 +30.72% | 2017 +55.48%

Huge hype, the market pulls back as the ‘weak hands’ fold out of the market… and then realisation hits… and you get Liftoff.
And it’s the same story for lithography (chip making) giants ASML:
Past performance and 5 year figures.
ASML 5 year performance: 2013 +46.62% | 2014 +15.97% | 2015 -16.97% | 2016 +27.76% | 2017 +56.05%
When the true value of ground-breaking tech is realised by the investment hordes… the Liftoff phase can be sensational.
Let’s not fool ourselves, many cryptos won’t make it. Like the of this world, they will evaporate into the ether. But the core cryptos with ground-breaking tech and world-changing ideas… they could offer you Amazon, Adobe, Cisco-scale returns.
And that, I believe, is the scale of the opportunity at your feet with cryptos, right now…
The biggest tech investment surge in history
As you’ve seen, the crypto ‘hype phase’ has passed.

When bitcoin soared to $20,000, hype was at a peak.
Recently, when bitcoin and the crypto market pulled back from those highs — we went through the facing reality phase… and that’s a great thing for new cryptocurrency investors like you.
Because if this pattern holds once again, what’s next could blow everything we have seen so far from the crypto market out of the water… and into the stratosphere. The surges we have seen so far will look tiny compared to what’s around the corner.
Do you want to be in on that surge? So you want to understand what’s going on and have a great shot at anticipating these surges?
I hope so! Because that’s why I’m writing to you and if you are still reading, you are on track!
According to some in-the-know crypto investors, house-hold name cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin could see extreme growth…
Jeremy Liew, famous for being one of the first investors in $25bn tech superstar Snapchat, believes bitcoin is about to go through a rampant phase of hyper-growth.
He estimates the growth of the bitcoin network will grow to 400 million users by 2030… and for the price of ONE bitcoin to hit $500,000.
That would be around 6,150% higher than where it sits today.
But this generation defining financial revolution is much bigger than bitcoin…
Because scores of smaller, under-the-radar crypto-assets could experience exponential price surges as the Lift-off phase gathers momentum.
Are you just going to watch on as it happens… AGAIN?
Are you going to hold the door open for other investors to position themselves to profit from the next run-up?
Not if I can help it!
Do what I did 18 months ago… take just a little time and effort to learn about this world-changing new technology…
And discover what it could do for you and your investing.
I’d like to send you Crypto Revolution Master Series right away to show you:

  • Eight crypto-assets every investor should own
  • Why the crypto market could hit $1tn  over the next three years
  • How to manage the risks of this exciting, volatile market
  • How to bank growing crypto income
  • How crypto tech could revolutionise every major industry in the world.
In just a moment I’ll show you how you can claim this Master Series absolutely free, together with an issue of South African Investor (and save money from the get-go), a free copy of my e-book … AND a crypto investing guide for beginners, also free of charge.
And I’ll also unlock specific recommendations from two of the best investors in the game… one of which could make you a 22,200% crypto profit.
It’s all in my special ‘Crypto Revolution Master Series’ I have put together…with Josh Benton… to help you hit the ground running. All this material will make you more clued up and knowledgeable about cryptos than 99% of professional investors and so-called experts.
In fact, one of the key reasons South African Investor was created was to help you side-step all the stuff you see on CNN or Sky about cryptocurrencies and other breakout markets. The sad truth is, a lot of the talking heads don’t have a clue about the market… the information they give is often incorrect and based on internet rumours.
That’s dangerous. The amount of misinformation and spin about cryptos is criminal.
Investors need an unbiased, fully researched source of information and insight on the biggest financial revolution in history.
That’s what you’ll get in my Crypto Revolution Master Series.
And there couldn’t be a better time for you to dip your toe in this market… just before a potentially monumental “Liftoff phase”… just before the pressure under the market blows once again.
But, hang on…you have every right to ask:
Why are you so confident about all this?
What makes you so certain the market is on the verge of a mass adoption phase that will send crypto prices skyward?
It’s simple…

Here comes the big money

If the 2016—2017 hype phase of the crypto boom was fuelled by small time, aggressive speculation…
The next up-phase, the Liftoff, is being propelled by a flood of billionaire investors and vast amounts of institutional money.
And I mean, VAST. Let me show you:

  • As of last summer, 260,000 stores in Japan are now able to accept crypto as payment
  • In March 80,000 stores in the EU began accepting cryptocurrencies.
  • Billionaire Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has opened up a crypto-trading platform on his Square payment app:
  • Yahoo recently confirmed it has purchased a 40% stake in cryptocurrency trading platform BitARG Exchange Tokyo.
  • LINE – one of world’s biggest online messaging companies – is launching its own cryptocurrency trading services… opening up crypto investing to its 168m users.
  • Both Facebook and Google are reportedly developing their own crypto ideas. In Google’s case they are thought to be developing an API to take payments in crypto.
  • Brazil’s biggest investment firm XP Investimentos – a giant that manages $35bn for 500,000 clients – is also planning to launch a crypto trading exchange.
  • IBM is one of the leading players – investing huge amounts to grab a chunk of what they believe will be a $3.1tn industry in the next decade or so.
Connect the dots… you can almost feel the tremors under the market…the pressure building before the next blast off….

Some of the smartest, wealthiest entities in financial history are quietly moving into the crypto-asset market…

George Soros– the man who famously shorted the pound and bankrupted the Bank of England – is preparing to start trading crypto-assets.
The Rockefeller Family– estimated net worth of over $1tn – are making long-term investments in core crypto-assets.
The Rothschilds– estimated bet worth of $350bn - $2tn – have owned crypto since last summer… via the Rothschild Investment Corporation.
Alan Howard– head of one of the world’s biggest hedge funds – recently made “sizeable personal investments” in cryptos, with more planned, according to Bloomberg.
You can see what’s happening…
This is an avalanche of personal investment and resources by – frankly – a bunch of money hungry individuals and institutions.
These are titans of the investment world… money-making LEGENDS. They don’t move in on markets this aggressively for fun. They have a nose for profit, like blood-hounds. They can smell it coming.
They can see a perfect storm has aligned that could send these digital currencies through the roof.

This is already the most powerful financial eruption in history. But what comes next… the “second boom” could see monumental fortunes minted.
You can decide for yourself if you want to be part of it now. In two months. Or next year.
But the longer you wait, the less your chance of getting in on the mad, wild upward rush.
Some people will WANT to get in and simply do nothing about it. They will go against their instincts and simply watch on.
I hope that’s not you!
I hope I have at least made you curious enough about what could be next for cryptos to take the next step… to get the information and insight you need to understand this opportunity… and put yourself in the running.
In just a moment, I’ll show you how to receive South African Investor on a monthly basis for less than the cost of a pack of chewing gum a day…

…to ensure you are completely in the know about what’s happening in this thrilling new market… and know exactly how to take advantage.
If you’re still reading, I have you pegged as someone who is keen to take a leap into cryptos.
So, tell me if I’m wrong…

  • You want to get clued-up about this world changing new technology
  • You want to make sure you are armed with all the wisdom you can get about how to invest in crypto-assets
  • You want to know the high risks and dangers of crypto investing… and have simple to follow strategies to manage them and mitigate them as much as possible
  • You want to know which cryptos hold the most financial promise
  • And you want to know which cryptos are not worth your time
  • Finally, you want unlimited access to fully researched and easy-to-read insight into this exciting new market
If that’s the case – you’re going to love my Crypto Revolution Master Series.
But before I show you how to claim your package (and more than R5,000 worth of FREE bonus material)…
I want to show you the situation at your feet is like having the chance to stake money in railways at the turn of the nineteenth century...
The motorcar at the turn of the twentieth century...
Or internet stocks at the turn of the twentieth century...
Only potentially bigger. And you are lucky enough that it’s happening now – in your lifetime!
That’s the scale of what has landed on your lap.
Do not let it pass you by.
Crypto and blockchain technology is in the process of bringing forth revolutionary changes to how we create, spend and accumulate wealth…
But that is only the beginning of this generational tech disruption…

“The most significant invention since the internet
and electricity”

The headline story about cryptos is of 100s of ‘digital coins’ trying to replace the pound or the dollar.
Yes, that is a big part of the crypto revolution – the rise of alternative digital currencies. Cryptos are now worth about 10% of the global currency market. That’s a significant chunk of the money flow.
But in South African Investor, I’ll show you that the tech behind cryptos (the blockchain) is impacting everything from healthcare… to energy networks… to education… to online security systems… to property ownership.
Blockchain technology has been described as a new system on which the entire infrastructure of society can be built… a new internet.
The value of this new sector has the potential to grow exponentially. I won’t go into deep detail here… I’ll do that in South African Investor
But here is a quick glimpse of the industries moving into blockchain tech… and the sheer breadth of the crypto tech revolution…

Some of the biggest companies in the world are throwing huge money into blockchain technology…

Governments all over the world are pushing the adoption of this tech forward at a blistering pace…

This crypto-tech revolution is unstoppable. And even the richest tech firms in the world are having to adapt…

The only tech revolution you can compare this to is the rise of the internet over the last 25 years.
I don’t know if you were smart enough (or simply lucky enough) to reap profits from that bull market.

Probably not.
You probably cottoned on to it way too late... and missed out as better-informed investors made enough money to retire on.
But I promise you this:
You are not going to miss out on THIS new tech uprising.
In South African Investor’s Crypto Revolution Master Series, I am going to keep you bang up to speed with all the major crypto-tech intelligence you need.
In your welcome package, I reveal FIVE cryptos I think every investor should seriously consider getting into. These are cryptos revolutionising the corporate world through ‘smart contracts’ and services… assets I believe have a huge future and could see enormous growth from here on out.
And that’s just the beginning…
In each South African Investor issue, you’ll get my updates on all the different sub-sectors of this tech revolution: payment system cryptos, energy market cryptos, communication sector cryptos.
To the mainstream financial industry, like the FT or This is Money or MoneyWeek our decision to launch The Crypto Revolution Master Series now… before the market has made another huge run-up in price… probably looks downright crazy.
But here’s the thing about that…

We don’t care about mainstream ideas

I belong to a global network of investing insiders called The Agora… and we don’t operate in the mainstream.
In fact, we believe that following mainstream ideas and opinions will be detrimental to your financial ambitions.
Take a look at this simple illustration to see why…

Moving early on ideas BEFORE they go mainstream is the key to extreme wealth accumulation. As Steve Jobs put it:

“If you want to know what’s going to happen in five years, you don’t look in the mainstream.
You look at the fringe.

To move early, you need the best investment intelligence. And our ‘insiders’ are the best in the business:
World famous traders, billion-pound fund managers, professional investors, and financial minds with decades of experience making real money for real people in the markets. For example, our founder, Bill Bonner, has written three New York Times best-selling books and made an award-winning financial documentary.
Our sole mission is a very simple one:
To show people like you how to make the most of your money. Sometimes that means getting you into urgent profit-making opportunities... BEFORE everyone else. Other times, it means showing you how to avoid certain threats.
We’re way outside the mainstream. We consider ideas most people have dismissed… ideas that might be too “out there” for publications like the Investor’s Chronicle or The Telegraph.
That means at times we offer ideas that are risky – if our detailed and expert analysis concludes the risks – managed sensibly and realistically – are worth it, financially. We’re not bound by political correctness. We don’t take advertising. We are willing to stand by the ideas we believe in. Our only mission is to provide you with ideas you absolutely will not find elsewhere – and show you how to act on them.
Access to this kind of insight is a priceless advantage to possess. And we work day and night to deliver to this advantage to our readers.
FSP Investment Research South Africa is like a private intelligence network... for people who want to make money.
I am proud to be part of this intelligence network because I know our work makes readers money.
We get emails, letters and tweets about it every day… 

We provide meticulously researched investing intelligence in PLAIN ENGLISH… no jargon, no academic guff… because we do not want our readers to miss a thing. Clarity is key. And the feedback we get tells us our approach is valued very highly:
 We are launching the Crypto Revolution Master Series now because we believe cryptos to be the most significant technological advancement of the last 150 years…
And the most explosive money making opportunity in the world. It’s that simple.
If that sounds good to you…

Let’s get you on board!

If you’re reading this right now, you already know the vast potential gains on offer here.
You’ve no doubt seen many cryptos rising by hundreds of percent or more in a matter of days.
But, don’t let those gains blind you to the realities of this market.
There are risks. Cryptos can go down just suddenly as they go up. In many cases by even greater amounts.
Over the last year we have seen no less than four big market dips.
If you want to invest in cryptos. You need to be okay with this. It comes with the territory. This is a completely new asset class. It’s a completely new technology.
It is an unregulated market. That means there are no protection ‘fail-safes’ or insurance schemes like you get with traditional investing vehicles.
There are also ‘tech risks’ like hacking and scams. Though that is a risk present in any type of investment market you can name. But you should be aware of it.
Right now the world is waking up to the potential of cryptos. Its early days on a revolution that may play out over two or three decades. But just like the internet boom that started in the early ‘90s and is still running today… the long-range financial gains could be enormous.
March and April saw some of the world’s richest investors and wealthiest families announce their intent to trade cryptos.
Momentum is gathering and now is the time to leap on board.
So yes, cryptos are incredibly risky. But they also offer the potential for gains you will not find anywhere else.
With my help, you can become far better informed than the crypto investment horde. And this knowledge will help you avoid some of the biggest pitfalls.
I spend hours every day researching and analysing crypto market, news and communities.
This is a market borne out of obsessive internet geeks and for the average person it can be hard to penetrate. I will be here to help you make sense of it all. To find the truth in all the spin, to look into the scams and to research all the latest developments.
Here’s what my readers wrote in to say about my crypto analysis:
“In 10 months of investing in cryptos, your 5-part introduction is the best I have read."
“Absolutely brilliant piece of work. Keep it up!”
“This was a great article to read, very interesting and insightful (read it twice)… Discount prices indeed and an opportune moment to get in on some good projects that may have been "overpriced" before. I like what cryptocurrency offers the world, I'm bullish.”
“An excellent analysis of the recent crypto crash. I am starting to enjoy the bear market just as much as the bull market in crypto! We can have several of each within the same month!”
“As someone who is over the age of 70, & trying to make sense of Cryptos, I really appreciate your article. It is the best explanation of storage options that I have seen. Well done!”
Now, I want to share my work with YOU – in the South African Investor. Read on now and I’ll show you how to claim a 47% discount AND over R5,000 of urgent investment research, recommendations and intelligence – at no extra cost! 
Yes, this is a very risky market. But I will help you to navigate it with your eyes open.
Forget short term swings of the market, and focus on the Amazon, Google and Netflix scale of this long-range financial opportunity.
My goal is to help you enjoy the type of success like you see above… by having a deep understanding of this exciting new market.
And I’m going to offer you access in a way that saves you a lot of money, from the get-go.
I want you to have a deep and ongoing understanding of it... to know WHY cryptocurrencies are exploding in price...why this opportunity could run for the next 5, 10, even 20 years as the market matures…
And then SHOW you how to take advantage of this eruption of digital currencies NOW… BEFORE mass adoption… BEFORE mainstream investors stampede the markets.
If you’ll let me, I’m going to show you how to move with the smart money, the early investors who could reap enormous personal rewards by what comes next.
So here’s how I’d like to share my research with you, to keep you ahead of the crypto market…

The best deal you will ever get

Whether you have R500 or R5,000 to punt on these rocketing cryptos...

This master series shows you how to make it work for you.

I am determined to make you one of the most clued-up people in South Africa on this fast-rising market...

And open up to you scores more opportunities to help you grow your personal wealth.
Here’s how I’m going to do that:

Crypto Master Series Gift #1:

A FREE 30-day trial to


We are living through a technological revolution.
Cryptocurrencies are a big part of that story... this is a financial revolution minting an unstoppable wave of new wealth.
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And Josh Benton is the man to show you how to take advantage.
As Editorial Director of the South African chapter of one of the biggest global private wealth management clubs in the world, Josh is able to provide his members access to some of the best investment ideas from some of the most successful thought leaders and investors around the world. And that’s how Josh and I met, through our global alliance.
Over the past few years, Josh and the South African Investor network have shown readers how to capitalise on the market whether it’s exploding or imploding – homing in on solar stocks, battery tech firms, companies pioneering logistics and cutting edge mining firms who are changing the face of mining in South Africa.
To say Josh and the team ‘knows their stuff’ is putting it lightly. The panel is made up of authors... investors... advisors to the rich… portfolio managers... value investing experts... and much more.
They’re known and respected throughout our global network, with numerous appearances on Bloomberg TV (in the UK and India), CNBC Africa as well as CNN.
Panel members like Leon Louw and Dan Denning have given sell-out presentations to traders and analysts in every major “hub” of the financial system, including London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Copenhagen, Dublin and San Francisco.
And founder of both the South African chapter and the global Agora, Bill Bonner, is widely sought out for his predictions on gold and the future of fiat currency.
Quite simply, Josh is connected. And he is one of the best value investors I’ve ever come across.
Frankly, you are very lucky to get 30 days of the South African Investor’s elite analysis and tips at no cost today.
Every month Josh sends his readers a special opportunity communique, revealing the stocks that the team think are best placed to rocket in price.
In each issue he provides a full investment analysis and reveals all the risks and potential rewards. You will know everything worth knowing about these break-out opportunities.
His readers certainly see the huge value of his work:

“Your correspondence interested me as I had been looking for advice in protecting and growing my portfolio. This was a good move on my part as for the very short time that I have been a member I have found your articles extremely interesting and useful” 
~ R. G Williams

“I’ve finally found a unique network of like-minded people that are about wealth acquiring and keeping the wealth acquired. How ready I am to begin a more private, wealthier life free from the rat race.”
~ DwayneS.
“The Club gives good guidelines through the mass of information confronting investors. I really like the concept of looking for value away from the ‘herd’.” 
~ T. Stratten
“Cash is king, But Information IS KING. I get to know about how every event around me affects me and my financial resources, so I am more financially aware.”
~ Victor S. Matabane

Your free 30-day trial will get you off and running and the moment you’re on the inside you’ll have access to:

South African Investor’s brand new crypto currency report: “My #1 Strategy For Profiting From Cryptocurrencies”

The perfect companion to my book, One of the South African Investor panellists will give you more priceless insight into the crypto-revolution...

THREE free videos showing you how to buy and store your cryptos using platforms and exchanges I use and trust:

(These videos are only usually available to those that subscribe to my R12,000 a year service… but I’m opening them up to you at no extra charge!)

Video 1: How to buy your cryptocurrency on Bittylicious

In this video I walk you through the steps you need to take to buy ‘cryptos’ through Coinbase – one of the major and best trusted exchanges. As you will see, once you have registered and you have been verified (for added security), its much like any other brokerage or trading platform. It’s very straight-forward

Video 2: What you need to know about cryptocurrency exchanges

The second video in this special series runs you through everything you need to know about crypto-currency exchanges – so that you are familiar with the layout, terminology and know what to look for every time you log on.

Video 3: How to buy your cryptocurrency on Coinbase

In this video I guide you through the steps you need to take to buy ‘cryptos’ through Coinbase – one of the major and best trusted exchanges. As you will see, it’s very simple and very fast. Pretty soon, you’ll be up to speed and ready to buy and sell your cryptos.

All of the South African Investor’s special situation reports and stock recommendations, including:

‘The Gone Fishin portfolio’

‘The Armageddon Bomb Shelter Portfolio’

‘The Perpetual Income Portfolio’

A full issue of his latest South African Investor communique

Every month Josh and the panel hone in on the most exciting and potentially most profitable opportunities in the local and gloabl market. Having access to this ‘insider guide’ gives you a valuable edge on 99% of investors in South Africa.

The South African Investor model portfolio of breakthrough stocks

During your free 30-day trial, Josh has agreed to open up access to the South African Investor special portfolio of stocks, including one company he believes could make you DOUBLE your money over the next few years.

That’s a lot of valuable research that Josh has kindly opened up to you at no cost.

When Josh sells a subscription to South African Investor, people usually pay R1,500 a year.

That’s great value. Josh could charge ten times that amount but, like me, he wants to help ordinary people make extraordinary returns from these opportunities.

Josh has shared opportunities for his readers that could make them double even triple or more on their money. And in 2017, he has locked in profits for them of 35%, 85% and 207%.

But as I said, YOU don’t need to pay R1,500.

I’ve spoken to Josh and, just like me and my alliance colleagues he doesn’t want there to be any barrier between you and this valuable opportunity.

That means your trial to this premium service is 100% RISK-FREE today.

And I’d like to stress – you are under no obligation to continue beyond those 30 days.

This is like a “test-drive” and you can return the car to the lot anytime in your first month, no questions asked.

Here’s the best part...

After 30 days, you will automatically receive a 47% discount for an entire year of the South African Investor’s expert analysis.

You don’t have to do anything to claim it.

That means, for just R795 for a whole year, you will automatically receive the South African Investor’s best research and stock recommendations.

If you don’t want to receive it, no problem – just cancel within your 30-day ‘test drive’. It’s all very simple.

So, let’s recap...

Not only will you get a free copy of my book today... you will also receive a complimentary 30-day trial to South African Investor, which includes a host of valuable material.

Wow - that already puts you way, way ahead of most people.

But I am not stopping there.

I’d like to give you even more:

Crypto Master Series Gift #2:

SPECIAL REPORT – “9 cryptos to avoid at all costs”

Like I said earlier, you need to know how to navigate through this wild market.

There are a number of cryptocurrencies you shouldn’t touch with a 100ft barge pole. In this report, I’ll run you through which cryptos to avoid and why.

This could end up saving you a lot of money and keep you focused only on the currencies with the highest money making potential.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are ambitious and you want the chance to make a serious amount of money.

And I think you will agree... all of this complimentary research stacks the odds heavily in your favour to help you make life changing money.

Not just from cryptos... but from the tech driven revolution as a whole.

So, the final thing you need to know is...

How to get your hands on this valuable research - at no cost

To unlock your FREE cryptocurrency book, free crypto research reports and your 30-day trial to South African Investor...

All I need in return is a tiny processing fee of R99.95.

This small fee simply covers the cost of getting the material over to you in a safe, professional manner... through our website and secure pdfs.

It’s an unavoidable little ‘processing fee’ but one that means we can send you everything quickly and securely.

I think you will agree it is an insignificant amount, especially when you consider:

Your Crypto Master Series  which includes:

  • “My #1 Strategy For Profiting From Cryptocurrencies”

  •  My 2018 Crypto Roadmap– This is where you start to turn your knowledge into ACTION. Inside you will find 5 cryptos that Sam believes you can buy now for a shot at a potentially huge return.

  • Your book, “Crypto Revolution” shows you how you could make your first million from the booming crypto market (unavailable anywhere else.)

  • THREE free videos showing you how to buy and store your cryptos using platforms and exchanges I use and trust. (These videos are only usually available to those that subscribe to my R12,000 a year service… but I’m opening them up to you at no extra charge!)

  • Nine Cryptos to avoid at all costs

  • Your Crypto 101 bible

Value: R5,000

And your 30-day trial to South African Investor will get you in on opportunities capable of making you ten times your money or more. On top of your valuable issues and access to The South African Investor model portfolio, you also get a spectrum of investment reports.

You get all of this valuable research for the small processing fee of R99.95...
It’s an incredible, one-off chance to dramatically increase your personal wealth. And one you may never see again.
If you’re still with me, I am sure you are not going to let a measly R99.95 stand in your way...
That’s about the same price as a couple of lattes in Mugg and Bean, for crying out loud!
So let’s get all of this valuable research in your hands right away...
The moment you claim all your gifts, I’ll send you your unique password to unlock your book.
I’ll send you your access details to get your free report.
And I’ll give you a 30-day pass to Josh Benton’s premium service South African Investor...
Opening up a wide range of valuable premium material, including your tech reports and free special situation reports.
Then you will be all set...
For just R99.95 you will have a distinct knowledge edge on the rest of the crypto hunters out there.
And this is knowledge you can immediately put into action.
You will understand what’s happening... where the biggest opportunities lie... and KNOW with complete clarity WHAT to do about it.
You will be on your way to minting a potential fortune from the biggest wealth explosion in human history.
So don’t hang about – get started now:
Do not let this never-to-be-repeated opportunity pass you by.
Because, as mind-bending as the profits we have seen so far are...
I think it’s nothing compared to what’s to come...

This could be your chance to get flat-out, filthy rich -
don't blow it!

You’re alive at a moment in time that we’ll likely never see again.
And today is the day you have to make a choice.
It’s a simple choice. And it’s a choice you’ll never get again.
Choice 1:
Claim your 30 day trial, and your free Crypto Revolution Master Series package immediately. Read it all, word-by-word, line-by-line, chapter by chapter. Maybe even read it a few times to understand it all.
And by the end of it be prepared, armed, educated on the enormous crypto opportunity at your feet. A life-changing one.
Choice 2:
Walk away. Do nothing. Try and forget everything you have read today. Put the idea of anything to do with cryptos aside. But in doing so, you risk regretting your decision for the rest of your life.
Because I believe you WILL see these cryptos flying up even higher in price... 
You WILL see bitcoin become a major global currency and climb to $350k a coin – and beyond.
And you WILL know that you let a measly R99.95 stand between you and making a potential fortune from it.
Could you stomach that?
Could you live with yourself?
I know I couldn’t!
I have given you everything I can to show you how to profit from this.
I’ve given you a copy of my new crypto book for free.
I’ve given you valuable research on the crypto market for free.
And I’ve given you a 30-day trial to what I think is the single best entry-level tech investing newsletter in South Africa – for free.
The next step is yours. Take your financial destiny into your own hands. 
You are not going to let R99.95 stand in the way of a potential life-changing fortune!
Raid this soaring crypto market...
And fill your bloody boots!
Sam Volkering
Author of “Crypto Revolution” and Panel Member, South African Investor 
PS. If this crypto eruption is as powerful and unrelenting as I believe, you have every right to picture the scenario below...It’s an incredible, one-off chance to dramatically increase your personal wealth. And one you may never see again.


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